The Goal Academy's Senior Coaching Programme is all about inspiring young people to reach their potential both on and off the pitch.

The programme contains a number of exciting features, including a very special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

  • Annual UK Tour: each year selected GA Seniors will be given the chance to visit the UK and show their skills in front of scouts from professional football league clubs

  • Friendly Matches: football training is reinforced by regular friendly matches

  • Tournaments: players train to compete and have the chance to do so in tournaments both locally and internationally

  • GA Game Improvement Plans: players receive individual, personalised training plans to help them improve their game.

  • GA Fitness Testing: players' progress is monitored regularly through speed, strength and fitness testing

  • Player Reviews: players receive termly one-to-one reviews with the GA Coaching Team to advise them on how to improve their game.

Registration is open to children aged 12 to 16. Please note, numbers on the programme are strictly limited to 16 per group.


If you would like to try out the GA Seniors Coaching Programme, book your FREE TRIAL today.