The GOAL Academy is leading a revolution in Malaysian football: in the manner it is coached, in the manner it is played, in the manner it is supported.

The GOAL Philosophy of
 ‘Football For Fun, Football For All’ promotes inclusion and is present in all of our initiatives. Furthermore, our child-centred approach prioritises 'individual development' over the 'winning-at-all-costs' attitude which is still prevalent throughout Malaysia.

Our strong values and commitment to the power of football for positive change have seen GA emerge has one of the most innovative young football academies in the region.


Through its coaching programmes and events, The Goal Academy aims to:


  • provide children the opportunity to build friendships and grow as young people
  • encourage development in all areas - technical, physical, psychological, social and academic
  • inspire integration and inclusion, mutual respect and understanding of different cultures
  • broaden our players’ knowledge and understanding of the game
  • encourage skill development through fun yet challenging games and drills
  • promote a healthy lifestyle through football
  • ensure the welfare of our players at all times
  • guide our players' learning and encourage them to take ownership for their progress
  • nurture our players' love and enthusiasm for the game
  • promote a lasting involvement in football